Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And the winner is.......

And the winner of my 2year Blogiversary giveaway is 'Anne Ida'. Congratulations! I will pop a surprise parcel in the mail later this week.
Sorry I've been missing in action again, my mind is on other things at the moment, someone very close to me is hurting and I'm not able to do anything to ease the pain. Life and families can be very complicated at times.
I plan to return over Easter, I have a very special Naming Day celebration to share, a Horse Event I am glad is over and an accident prone 'Horsey girl' to report on!!! I also have the rest of our trip from last year to share - I'm determined to finish reporting on it before we head off to the Kimberleys in May!! There may even be some quilting!!!


Cardygirl said...

Congrats to your winner! Hope all settles for you!

Owens Family Adventures said...

You okay over there my friend? I'm thnking of you today.

Margaret said...

Why do bad things happen to good people or what ever the name of that book was. Your hurts make us who love you without knowing you are hurting too and sending a lot of love your way. Hugs and more hugs