Saturday, March 12, 2011


Life and time have a way of running away all by themselves, usually with no warning and at times all you can do is hold on tight and wait for it to slow down just a smidgen. Between work (with lots of extra hours and a lot busier than normal), school, sport and life in general I have been on a hurdy gurdy where the best I can do each day has to be enough. I am getting better at prioritising and unfortunately blogging hasn't been top of the list lately.
Add to that the personal struggles that some friends are dealing with and the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan. It is all consuming and apart from our prayers I think we need to take out of it the reminder that life is uncertain, live your life and love your friends and family each and every day.
Please keep my dear friend Anne's Mum in your prayers, she is in ICU after major emergency surgery and now has pneumonia
My colleague and friend Kate's husband Bob is recovering from 7 hour long heart surgery following a major heart attack. She is also worrying about her daughter who is having health struggles at the moment and not wanting to live.
My blogging friend Margaret's granddaughter Abbey as she begins a long recovery after a car accident, may there be only steps forward and none back.
Everyone affected by the disaster in Japan - our prayers are with you all xxx
I am at work at the boarding house tonight and again on Monday as it is a public holiday here in Victoria. Tomorrow we are spending the day in Geelong with SH's family , the weather will be nice and it will be lovely to catch up on everyones news.


Anonymous said...

Had noticed that you've been really quiet... sounds like you've got alot going on. Praying for you and your family and your friends going through hard times right now.

Chookyblue...... said...

chin up.........extra hugs coming my way.........emotional overload does nothing to help anyone........look after yourself........

Mistea said...

Hope Sunday was a happy time spent with family.

Take care