Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Birthday and Day 20!

It is SH's Birthday today!!! so Happy Birthday to one amazing husband and father, you make everything in my world okay!
In my internet shopping frenzy the other week I bought your present but alas it has not arrived, blame your beloved Jimmy or maybe just the post!!!Hope it is here soon!

Happy Birthday as well to my s-i-l 'Shell',
 hope you have a great day!

(Birthdays should be banned in December!!!)


A Blessed Life said...

Hope his pressie gets there soon,happy birthday to your special man and many more...

Cardygirl said...

Happy Birthday to him...yeah, ban December birthdays!

Calidore said...

Happy Birthday to the main man. Hope he has a wonderful day.

PS Parcel arrived and Nicola won't let me open it....sigh. Thank You.

Mistea said...

I'm with you - though I grew up with a gran with a post Christmas Birthday - we always celebrated with that family on her birthday which meant no juggling of relatives on Christmas Day.
Happy Birthday to the Man.