Saturday, March 10, 2012

Henry's road trip!

A fortnight ago we set off on a very important road trip! SH, the 'horsey one' , a friend and Henry the horse with the ute and float and Mum and I in the car. The 'horsey' one and Henry had qualified for the Pony Club State Championships in Dressage so we were on our way to Albury / Wodonga, a good 7&1/2 hour drive! Not sure quite how Henry would manage such a big trip we were all a little apprehensive setting off. Mum and I decided a quick stop in Ballarat for some retail therapy on the way would help steady the nerves!!! That was achieved and it also meant we stopped long enough to be behind the others on the road!
We all stopped in Seymour at the showgrounds for lunch. We were able to take Henry off the float and let him have a stretch of his legs and a huge drink. Doesn't look very stressful does it??

Once they arrived and settled Henry in his covered yard (worth every cent to protect him from the sun and rain) it was time to set up camp! By the time Mum and I had done their groceries it was almost done. This is the 'taj' !!! The girls slept in their swags under the stars while SH slept in the tent. It was very civilised, a lantern, kettle, ipod dock etc. All looked very comfortable. Not able to tell you for sure as Mum and I stayed in a motel!!! I needed hot running water and a flushing loo nearby!

The weather was beautiful on the Friday and Saturday and while the rest of Victoria was sweltering and suffering with the heat we enjoyed a lovely clear heat. According to the rhyme I remember 'red sky at night is shepherds delight' so when we enjoyed this sunset I was looking forward to another perfect day for competition on the Sunday (you can see where this is going can't you?).
This is Henry with his pjs on just before bed! Cute!

We woke Sunday morning to rain, very very steady rain!!!! It started at 6am and did not let up ALL day! The 'horsey' one and Henry didn't place in the competition and the 'horsey' one I think was disappointed with their performance but we are so proud that she qualified for such a big event. It was a huge trip for both of them and I am sure nerves played a part and the fact that the rain became torrential as they were entering the arena did not help at all. She spent the whole day wet and soggy as did the rest of us. I had a good few inches of water sloshing around my shoes!
In this photo (after it was all over) you can see the relief and just how wet it was!

This was the Grade 2 dressage team from our zone that competed.

Isn't Henry gorgeous?

Mum and I were always heading off on Sunday afternoon as I had to work Monday but instead of staying another night SH and the 'horsey' one packed up and headed home as well. They got home just before midnight. The weather forecast was meant to be worse up there the following day so they decided before absolutely everything got wet they would cut their losses. A good decision as the rain hasn't stopped there and it is one of the many flood zones in NSW / Victoria.
While we were up there Mum and I also spent Saturday visiting 2 different groups of cousins of Mums. One had gone into a nursing home last year and we hadn't seen her since so it was lovely to see just where she is. I think Mum really enjoyed catching up with the extended family.
I am really looking forward to my next road trip in a few weeks to Nundle!!!


Cath said...

I enjoyed reading your blog tonight. A shame the rain set in for the "horsey" one and Henry....he is a lovely looking horse!

Calidore said...

It was a shame about the weather but I'm so glad that Henry travelled well and you all had a good, if slightly damp, time.

Carol said...

Great photos! Love the one of the girls with Henry in his pjs!! Lots of horses in town here today, I thought of you.