Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beautiful work! and confusing blog!!

A few weeks ago Mum's embroidery guild held the exhibition they have every 2 years. I really wasn't sure I would make it and each time I tried I got called into work but on the Sunday morning I jumped in the car and just went. Mum was so surprised, she didn't expect to see me! There was the most amazing work on display. If blogger was behaving I would pop a note next to each piece but I can't!!! The first photo is of the Gum San chinese heritage centre where the exhibition was held in the Great Hall. It was the perfect place, lots of room and light and so welcoming. The next few photos are of some quilts made by members of the patchwork group. The embroidered fairy pillow is a Brenda Ryan design and available through !(may as well put a plug in!!) The next 2 photos are Robyn Allen-waters designs (and also available through Orange Daisy) made into lids for wooden boxes. The next bag is much smaller than it appears. It would only be about 5" wide and exquisite and perfect piecing. This was something I loved. The next quilt was something I hadn't seen before, it was a chenille and very effective the way they had done it and of course I am rather fond of cats!!! I loved this Santa that had been made. It's coat was all embroidered and he was very regal. This jacket was my absolute favorite thing, it was pieced and embroidered and I can just imagine it being worn with both an evening skirt or with jeans. I am trying to convince Mum that if I ever lose the weight I'd like to that it would be the motherly thing to create a similar jacket for me!!! One of Mum's friends Elsie does beautiful work and created this picture book for one of her grandchildren. All of the illustrations are embroidered and the amount of satin stitch is amazing ( my least favorite embroidery stitch!!). It will be a treasure to be passed down through the generations. The last 2 photos are some of Mum's work, her Noahs Ark quilt made from Lynette Andersons free BOM and a little pincushion set which now resides at my house!!It was a lovely and inspiring exhibition.
Now to the confusing blog comment in the title, give me strength! but blogger is playing up so much for me at the moment!! I had someone tell me early this week I was coming up as 'no reply'- I think I've fixed that now , and now tonight the photos didn't load as they are normally do so I hope this publishes okay!!!! Technology and I are only friends when it is working!


Cardygirl said...

I hate when blogger plays up! You post has heaps of great pics...that bag does look good...beautiful work by everyone.

Margaret said...

I have the same trouble sometimes when posting, I tried walking around the chair three times . but is still didn't fix it. Your post on the lovely jacket has prompted me to give it a try . All the work is beautiful.

Owens Family Adventures said...

Those pictures are like eye candy!! :)
Yeah, sometimes blogger can act crazy....I think that there are secret blogger hackers that just like to mess with random people.
hugs my friend!!And thanks for sharing the wonderful pics!

Pen Pen said...

beautiful embroidery work... what a nice show!

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