Saturday, February 8, 2014

The tropical patio!

On the Australia Day weekend Mum and I decided to have lunch and catch up and thought we would try somewhere on our 'one day' list which is how we found ourselves at the Ampitheatre Hotel. In its time it would of been a bustling town but now blink and you may miss it! The Hotel isn't being run as such anymore , more as b & b accomodation and a cafe using locally sourced products open only on weekends, public holidays and some limited weekday hours. It is hard to say quite what style it is decorated in, a little retro, vintage, nouveau, really a eclectic mix. There is an assortment of rooms to sit in but on this beautiful summer day he suggested we sit on the 'tropical patio' which we did. The only things tropical about it were the fresh air and the wooden pineapple serviette holder but it was very pleasant. The menu is limited but delicious. They have won awards for their ice cream, most made with some type of liqueur . For dessert I had the Salted caramel waffles, oh my, I would go back again for them alone! An odd place but worth a visit and a lovely day out.


Lorraine said...

Nice to be ticking things off your " one day" list! That dessert looks amazing!!

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The desert and your mom look amazing ^_^ it was lovely getting to see them today. wish you the best for your future blogs dear! im writing from pakistan and i admire your posts <3

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