Monday, September 12, 2011

Aussie aussie aussie!!!

Not card reader so I can load photos has gone missing again!!!! I am buying a new one this week and you can guarantee the other one will turn up as soon as I do (or be returned if one of my teens has borrowed it!!)

Congratulations to Aussie Sam Stousur winning the US tennis open this morning. She has worked so hard to get to this place and deserves the title. I watched the end of it when I arrived at work this morning, glad she finished it off quickly before our clients interrupted!!!

A new regime in our house this week! A health kick which is very necessary. We are eating better and exercising more. An early morning walk this morning was a good start! We are also trying to become more organised at home, using our time better and decluttering!!! I attacked our walk in robe yesterday which had become a dumping ground for anything and everything. At the end of the day I hadn't finished it but made huge inroads and filled 2 large wheelie bins! Maybe the hoarding gene can be overcome....

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Calidore said...

Come and clean my place anytime you like.....roflmol. As for the walk - I'd join you but you live to far away : - ( but I'm there in spirit.