Thursday, September 22, 2011

Busy .....

I am on a mission! Our school is hosting a horse competition on Saturday so of course the 'horsey' one is competing but it also means I am helping for the whole day. I also volunteered 3 slices for the canteen. Of course I decided to make some extra so we could benefit at home. On top of this a close family friend has her birthday Saturday so I am planning a Birthday cake for her! Why oh why can't I be that person that buys ready made cakes and slices at the supermarket and is happy to say sorry I can't help, I'm too busy! Oh well, 2 Mars bar slices and a Hedgehog are made and ready to be iced and I've decided to wait until the morning to make the cupcakes, honey joys and lemon slice!!! oh and the Birthday cake.
Dinner time and some trashy tv before a relatively early night - Beauty and the Geek and Four Weddings!

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Brandie said...

You aren't that person because you enjoy baking more than the average person. And I think you may be a pleaser. Nothing wrong with that. I just wish I lived closed to share some of those goodies!