Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Champions!

We left home at 7am this morning and got home again at 7pm after the Interschool horse competition that our school ran. The 'horsey' one competed on Henry, their first outing in the last 6 months since he was injured. She has been having weekly lessons and working really hard riding 6 days out of 7. She was rewarded with wonderful success today. 2 Firsts and a Second as well as winner of her age group and then overall winner of the whole competition. She was also a member of the winning team. Along with her big smile she brought home a swag of ribbons and 2 new rugs. Henry got some special treats at dinner time and I think he was smiling almost as much as his mother!!!!


Calidore said...

Well done Henry and the Horsy One. What an achievement.

Margaret said...

Congratulations to all, the work that has been put in pays off.