Sunday, September 18, 2011

A busy day!

My day started early. After spending yesterday running around after the 'horsey' one with a riding lesson, the hockey grand final and the hockey presentation night, I had a long and scary list to get through today!! Managed to get HS out of the house at 8 to go to a motorbike competition with a friend (not riding though!!)and the 'horsey' one out at 9 to go on her Geography camp until Tuesday afternoon. Last one out was HS's friend who had to be at work by midday! SH and I plodded our way through the list helped by the beautiful weather, warm and sunny, it was just glorious and good for the soul!
Apparently I have been promising HS meatloaf for months so today was the day. I used the Pioneer Woman's recipe, really good, covered in bacon and basted in a lovely tomato sauce. I certainly earned some brownie points!!

For dessert I made individual lemon delicious puddings. They are a favorite in our home and they lived up to their name - yum!! Even better there were left overs of both for tomorrows dinner!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't say I'm a fan of meatloaf - but I now know two families that cook the Pioneer Woman's recipe! Lemon Delicious - my most absolutely favourite dessert EVER!

Calidore said...

Well done. Can I have meatloaf too if I come to