Monday, January 4, 2010

The big trip to the USA - part 1

I know this has taken a long time but I am finally going to share some of our holiday memories from our fantastic trip to the US last year. Better late than never!! Sorry if this is not of any interest!
Part 1 is Melbourne - LA - San Francisco

Wandering through duty free at Melbourne airport on our way to our departure gate the 'horsey one' couldn't resist a photo with Edward, swoon swoon!!Shame he was cardboard!

We flew on one of the new A380 Airbus. It was great although we desperately wished we were sitting up the stairs! Couldn't even get up there for a sticky beak. We all enjoyed our individual entertainment systems, I think the average number of movies watched was 5 for the trip! Not for me though, give me a book any day!

After we arrived at LA airport we collected our hire car and started the drive (inland) to San Francisco. SH ended up doing all the driving on the trip, apparently I made everyone nervous even as a passenger! I found the driving on the other side of the road a little difficult to get used to. Our first stop along the way was for some lunch at McDonalds. It was our one and only experience of Maca's on this trip, they really are very similar worldwide.

This is a view of the scenery on the drive. We were surprised at just how desolate it was. I guess we really hadn't thought about what to expect.

We have so many photos of 'sleeping' passengers on our road trips!! SH was the only one not to fall victim. On this occasion HS and Mum just couldn't keep their eyes open a minute longer.
In San Francisco we stayed at Hotel Metropolis. It was comfortable but the neighborhood was quite noisy. We found the homeless situation there particularly confronting although not threatening at all. We fell in love with San Francisco and I just wish we'd had more time to spend there.

On the first day we went on the ferry to Alcatraz. I have to confess I wasn't particularly interested but knew that SH and Mum would enjoy it. I was pleasantly surprised and would recommend it. The history behind it was extraordinary and there were lots of interesting stories.One of the old inmates, an elderly man now, was signing books in the gift shop the day we visited.

We loved this photo of 'the horsey one' taken on the ferry.
After Alcatraz we made our way around to Pier 39 which was lots of fun. I bought some great souvenirs here and just wish I'd bought more. It had the biggest variety, the quirkiest and the best prices. My favorite was a President Obama and First Lady paper doll book.

We had lunch at Pier 39 and SH just had to have clam chowder which he really enjoyed. I think the rest of us had yummy scampi.

The Sea lions at Pier 39 are amazing, noisy and very very smelly!!!!

Stay tuned for Part 2!!!!


Jo Jo said...

Awesome! Can't wait for more pictures....stafe safe and enjoy! Jo xox

Owens Family Adventures said...

Great pics!! And how cute is your DH!!!! :)

Calidore said...

Love the photos. Can't blame Mum and HS for dozing off - I do it too..vbg. Got to giggle at the thought of Macca's being the same - guess that's what comes of being a huge chain. Can't wait to see more pics. Are there any of you????