Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas memories 2009...

Jimmy got a few presents. He loved this one in particular and played with it nonstop. He has not been a very good puppy since Christmas , managing to escape our yard, but he is very sweet!

This is my sister-in-law Liz and I at some mad moment of the day. We were very blessed with my Mum joining us and all of SH's family - his parents, 3 sisters, spouses and kids, oh and a few dogs!!

I bought some Scandinavian style candle sticks this year in both red and white. I was really happy with them and can't wait to use them every year.

I in a very mad moment decided this year to make my own bonbons!!!! If I ever suggest I want to do it again tell me not to please! I think the only problem was I ran out of time. They popped beautifully but there was complaints about having no hats in them!!! and the jokes just didn't happen as I ran out of time. I thought having gourmet chocolates for the adults and toys for the kids would make up for the no hat/no joke situation but apparently only just..... I think they looked good though.

This is a shot of our table setting. We had 18 to sit down so used our normal table and added 2 trestles to make one large table. I bought 3 matching cloths which I'm sure will get a lot of use over the years.

On Christmas morning both of our Mums wanted to help so we sat them in aprons at the table (covered in a plastic cloth)and got them to clean, peel and cut all our vegies. It was a huge help and they were happy to have a job!

I decorated a few of our candles with this gorgeous ribbon that I used to wrap all of our parcels. This candle was cinnamon scented and smelt beautiful.

This is a shot of our Christmas tree with our Anaheim Angels bauble. We picked this up on our US trip and it was perfect this year with our red & white theme. Brought back some great memories of our holiday too!!


Cardygirl said...

What a lovely time you have had!

Calidore said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day. Love the red and white theme - very Christmassy. Had to giggle about the bon bons though....I think the only reason we buy them is for the corny jokes....vbg.