Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Big Trip to the USA - part 4

Back into the car again for the next leg of our big adventure. The first problem was that we hadn't prebooked our car hire (we weren't really sure we would manage the driving!!) and cars for a one way trip weren't available. We finally found a company that had a car but no gps!!!! We printed lots of maps but after getting lost leaving the airport where we had collected the car should of perhaps rethought our day!! We had planned and looked forward to driving the coastal road between San Francisco and Los Angeles. When the kids worked out how long the trip would take in comparison to the route we travelled up on they pleaded, sulked, complained and insisted they were not going that way! As we are the parents we got our way reminding them of the beautiful scenery they would see along the way. It would all be worth it! Unfortunately we had fog the whole way which meant we saw nothing!!!!! and I'm meaning nothing!!! The photo above is the only photo we managed of the coast and when we hit LA we hit the traffic returning from a weekend away (yes turns out Sunday afternoon is not the best time to be heading back into town!!) . The kids are not convinced when we tell them we were just unlucky and plan to drive it again one day but maybe over a few days so we can enjoy the communities along the way! We dropped off the hire car at LAX and then proceeded to be ripped off badly by 2 taxi drivers. It was our only experience like that for the whole trip and by this stage all we wanted to do was get to our hotel in Anaheim and hit our beds. HS (who was very unwell with a flu like virus this day) and I were travelling together and became a little worried when all of a sudden our taxi driver started ducking (while driving) at the sound of gunfire. We ducked too and in the next second realised it was in fact the fireworks at Disneyland. This gave us a giggle especially when our driver remained clueless!!!


Margaret said...

I had a giggle too when the parents new the best way back was to see the beautiful scenery. Loved it all, love the smiles on yours and mums faces.

Victoria said...

The fireworks story is so funny...glad to hear that is all it was.
Traveling and getting sick is always a bummer. You guys covered so many amazing places.

Carol said...

Doing the big catch up here on your blog, enjoying reading these.