Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just dropping in!

I can't believe it is over a week since I posted! especially after such a good start to the month.
What a week last week was! The Horsey one had a horse trials clinic for 3 1/2 days. As SH and I were both working we had to juggle the days and of course it was more than an hour out of town. The Horsey one stayed down there and one of us travelled each day. I did Tuesday and Thursday which was the last day when lucky me had to float the horse home!!! I am not the most confident at floating and must admit it was a huge sigh of relief when we finally got home safe and sound.
At the same time SH had taken HS and a friend to Melbourne to attend a concert. HS enjoyed himself but the band was certainly not our taste! Friday the Horsey one and I were off to Ararat for her to go the dentist and have some teeth removed under the Orthodontists request. We are hoping to avoid braces!
I enjoyed going to my Saturday quilting group, a very small gathering this month. I took a finished (yes you read that right!!!) heart stitchery. We are making a friendship quilt for a member who is shifting away.
This week hasn't been any quieter, we celebrated Australia Day today with some friends, a yummy lamb bbq and some really good salads. I made a pavlova roll for dessert, my first attempt at this but certainly won't be my last!
SH and the kids are off to Melbourne again tomorrow so that HS can do a defensive driving course on Thursday. They will visit the market to stock up on fruit & vegetables, meat & seafood, and Costco before heading home again.
Back to school Monday, I am actually looking forward to the return of routine, please remind me of that in a few weeks!!
Sorry this was another 'photoless' post, I do have lots to share but the camera we bought in September stopped working on Boxing Day and had to be returned to the company to be repaired. It was ready to collect on Saturday but the company hadn't returned the battery so I am waiting again! Not really good enough for a well known brand of camera, it certainly wasn't the cheapest in the range!!!
Hope to drop in again -very - soon!!!!!


Chookyblue...... said...

hope you get your camera battery very soon...........frustrating when you get a new camera and it breaks down ..........

Sylvia said...

Glad to see you back in the blogging realm. Hope the next few weeks are easy for you as the kids head back to school. Well done finishing your stitched heart.

Indigo Blue said...

It is very annoying when you buy something that you have high hopes for such as a camera and you have problems with it. Thanks for popping by. I like the book, plenty of ideas and that fact that there are pattern sheets too helped influence me! Cost about £15.00 here. Hope the new term runs smoothly. We had a disrupted start after Christmas and it is half term in about two weeks. Where has that time gone?

Margaret said...

Sounds like back on to the gravy train again, but we are all waiting for normality , if you can say that to kick in again for another year take care.