Monday, January 11, 2010

The big trip to the USA - part 3

On our last day in San Francisco one of the 'must dos' was riding the cable car. We were lucky to all get on it but that made it even more exciting. We all had a turn of riding outside except of course Mum who was more than happy to sit safely inside. We did a full loop, up and down the hills and entertained by the conductor who played tunes with the bell. Well worth the money and lots of fun. Of course I didn't get any great photos but we did pick up a cable car Christmas decoration to remind us of how much fun we had.

We interrupted our circuit on the cable car to get out at Lombard Street and walk down the 'crookedest' street in the world. It was amazing and even more so that people live in the houses and that people travel down it regularly. The landscaping was beautiful.

It was quite steep to walk down and apparently Mum and I were amusing trying to walk down without losing our grip and rolling down. Coordination is not one of my stronger points!!

On this last day we ventured into Chinatown for dim sum for lunch. Of course until we got there we were unaware that a festival was being celebrated that day. That only added to the color and excitement. After a fantastic lunch during which we were entertained out the window by dancing and the crowning of 'Miss Chinatown' I insisted we search out an address I'd found in the lonely planet guide for a 'factory'?! 'shop' that makes fortune cookies by hand in the traditional method. It was the tiniest little shop and the two men spruiking were quite the entrepreneur, charging for photos and insisting you purchase some of the freshly made cookies. That was no hardship as they were delicious. They are one of the 'horsey one's favorite treats so they didn't last long at all and we regretted not buying more.

On our last evening we visited Lori's Diner to eat. It was like stepping back into some of the television shows / movies we watched a long long time ago. We sat at the counter, something SH had always aspired to do and ordered sodas, dogs and burgers. We can highly recommend the food, the service and the atmosphere.

I was sad when our time in San Francisco ended, even more so as quite a few things we had hoped to do had to be crossed off the list on the last day when we realistically knew we were running out of time. We did do a little bit of shopping while we were there, DSW, Crate and Barrel (loved it , bought some Halloween cupcake goodies and SH had an embarrassing moment when a pepper grinder shattered whilst in his care!!!) and Tiffanys (no purchase!!!) to mention just a few. We will definitely return.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

My husband and I did this exact trip a few years ago. It really is a fun time.

Missie Krissie said...

Wow you guys had a blast, one day (when we win tats!) I'd like to go and check it out.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

San Francisco looks like a fun place to visit! Hope you get your camera issues sorted soon:)

Best wishes for Back to school next week.

Carol said...

Great photos, Lombard Street is crazy isn't it? I remember walking all over SF, it's good fun. As for that diner, how totally cool that is.