Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A pinch.....

A pinch and a punch for the start of the month.......It is hard to believe it is February already! Time to reflect on what I achieved in January and to make some plans for the next month. I didn't manage much in January in anything actually, we tend to find December and January are tricky with school holidays and Christmas. For that reason I don't get upset if I only start on my goals in February and continue until the end of November. An odd theory I guess but if it works in some shape and form it is worth it! For February I want to craft more, finish at least 3 Christmas items, 1 quilt , a table runner,a face cloth, some mug rugs and complete a UFO. I also want to read a book!! I want to start my 'decluttering' seriously!!!! I also plan to start getting healthier.....that includes moving more! and eating less! - a simple equation when you say it like that!!! Lots on my list!!
Tonight SH and I have been to the 'Beginning of year service and dinner for staff' for school. As I work in the boarding house we are always invited. I love the pomp and ceremony of the service and the fellowship with the rest of the school community at the dinner.
I am tired now so off to bed, a bit cooler so hopefully a better sleep!


Sherry said...

Gee, for such a short month you have a long list of "things to do"! LOL

I have a long list myself, need to get 3 quilts completed (luckily one top is done, the 2nd top is almost done & the 3rd top is cut), want to get 2 Christmas gifts done (since I didn't get anything done in January) and want to also do some (LOTS) of decluttering!

Good luck with your goals!

Greenmare said...

all those things are on my list to I think! my goodness, it sounds more attainable when you say it though! ;-) thanks for stopping by to visit my blog, nice to meet you!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you.... lots of projects, could make over my body a bit too... or a lot! ;) Good luck with everything you're wanting to achieve this month/year!