Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Superbowl fever!

As I am catching up on my blog reading after being away on the weekend I am reading a lot of different ways the Superbowl was celebrated and watched. We were not immune to Superbowl fever here , my SH actually took a half day off work to watch it!!! It aired at 10am on Monday morning. The team he was going for lost but luckily he quite liked the other team as well. Just another sport he has on his bucket list to watch live one day! I won't argue as that means another trip to the States one day!!!

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Tatersmama said...

I LOVE watching the Super Bowl, but unfortunately I was going for the Steelers as well... *sniff sniff*
I had the day off work, so I completely and totally indulged myself for the day, watching the pre-game activities as well as the final coverage in the evening - and snacking all the while... (:o