Saturday, February 12, 2011


One of my January goals was to choose fabric and a pattern for a quilt for my S-I-L for her special birthday which is coming up in March. It didn't happen but last night as I found a UFO in my cupboard to take to the boarding house today I started pulling out fabric!!! I knew when I saw it I would know!!! and I did! I had forgotten I had this fat quarter bundle of 'Simple Abundance'. I can't believe I hadn't already used it. Now to find a pattern and before you panic about my timeline remember I work well under pressure!! (and she is not having a celebration, we will just take her out to lunch so it won't matter so much if it isn't on time!!)
(the photo turned itself somehow!)

I found some photos on the camera yesterday that I haven't shared yet. These are some of my Birthday and Christmas gifts from last year - oops!
Tracey from Ozcountryquiltingmum and I go to the same quilting group and catch up as often as possible (we are going to try for a regular sewing afternoon this year) and I was lucky enough to get her Christmas gift at our Christmas luncheon. It was a cute little bag (with a cat) and some of her cards , I was almost out of them so was happy to get some more. If you've never seen them pop over and have a look.

From my Aunty for my Birthday was this bag, she has made it from panel fabric and it is different on each side. I love how she has included a key hook inside as I am always looking for my keys. It also has a pocket inside for my phone and purse. A bit hard to see but she also made me a folded grocery bag which will come in handy, I can never find them when I need them and try now to keep a few in the bottom of each handbag!

My very special 'bloggy' friend Catherine from Calidore sent me a surprise Birthday gift. My very own 'chocolate' bag!!! When she showed this fabric I was green with envy, fancy fabric with the word 'chocolate' all over it! so to get a little drawstring bag made in it made me very very happy! She also made me a project bag which has 'cat' fabric (she knows me well) and pockets all around the outside and a drawstring. I have SO MANY projects on the go that I need all of these bags.

And lastly one of my Christmas presents from my sister (remember she gave me the Whoopie pie tin and book - she gives great gifts), a 'Tiffin'. I may be wrong but think they originated maybe in India and are used as a lunch box. She thought as I seem to be always taking things here there and everywhere I would find it handy. Apart from that it is so cute looking!! Would you believe she posted it from the UK and it arrived safely. I'm looking forward to the next time I need to take morning tea to work and I can put all the different slices and cakes in each layer. The kids have asked me to please not use it every day for my lunch though!


Cardygirl said...

Great the multi carrier! Looking forward to seeing what you do with that delicious bundle.

Calidore said...

Love the fabric - see there is a reason for having a stash...wicked grin. Got to ask is the tiffin one tin or lots that stack together. Never heard of it before so forgive my ignorance. Ohh and searched for more of that chocolate fabric and couldn't find any. Why on earth didn't I buy more...... :-(

Anonymous said...

I love the carrier too!! GET SEWING... you WILL have that quilt finished for March!