Thursday, February 3, 2011

A good read!

Another busy day, I worked until lunchtime then had a quick trip to Aldi before attending the boarders afternoon tea when they arrive back to school ready for the first day tomorrow. A few newies and understandably a few tears as Mum and Dad said goodbye.
I bought some books at Aldi today (they have the most amazing things!). On sale for $4.99 for Valentines Day, at that price Mum and I will both enjoy them. Also picked up an air mattress for the weekend. I DON'T camp!!! but will be going with the 'horsey' one to pony club camp. I will practice putting it up tonight!

Not sure that the 'horsey' one will be ready for school tomorrow, the list is still growing but guess we have a few hours yet. The uniform is ready and the lunch requirements bought. Better go and get the requested 'peanut butter biscuits' baked!!


Margaret said...

Another school year , hope you have a grand lot of girls.

Andrea said...

I have read all of those - hope you enjoy them. I cried buckets on PS - I love you xxxx

Anonymous said...

Aww... at least they have someone there like you that they can cry with when they are feeling sad. Enjoy your camping! Can't wait to hear all about that one! ;)