Saturday, February 19, 2011

A new slice.

This afternoon I had my monthly quilting group so this morning I baked a slice to take with me. I tried a new recipe and really enjoyed the result. I got the recipe for the 'Choc-chip shortbread slice' out of the Super Food Ideas magazine for March, currently out. It was super easy.
At quilting I chose the pattern and which fabrics out of the range I am using for my s-i-l's quilt so hope to start cutting tomorrow.


joolzmac said...

Snap! I think our recipes are probably quite similar - I will try yours soon.

Calidore said...

Can I just say that if you don't share that recipie I may never speak to you again....wicked grin. Although having just reread what I typed that might be the excuse you need to get rid of me....roflmol and worrying at the same time.

quiltmom said...

Chocolate chip shortbread sounds delicious _ I am sure that it was a hit with your quilting group.

I love the photo of your cat- Our cat Mars is an orange calico - What is your cat's name?

Thanks for stopping by my blog during OWOH. I hope that you will come and visit again some time.
Warmest regards from Western Canada,