Friday, February 4, 2011


I am feeling very blessed this week. I have been given this beautiful box of fresh, home grown vegetables from friends and colleagues. Zucchini, beans, apple cucumbers and carrots. They taste so much better than the bought ones!!

While in the supermarket this morning I noticed that the price of bananas has trebled. These bananas would of been bought by the supermarket before Yasi destroyed the banana plantations so I feel they are just taking advantage of us! I understand that they will be in short supply and we will need to pay more from now on but I doubt that the grower would of received anything extra for todays stock. In my mind this is just greedy.


Debbie said...

Gosh thats terrible, how dare they do that!

Lorraine said...

I agree - it's a bit soon to be jacking up the price of stock that would have been in their warehouse before the cyclone.....I would be leaving them on the shelves at that price - and I hope everyone else does the same - yes in weeks/months to come bananas will be a luxury item (as they were after Cyclone Larry) - I get that....but not less than 48 hours after the event.