Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Proud parent moment!

HS has played baseball for the last 6 seasons. It is not a hugely popular sport here in Australia (although our family love it) and in our town we struggle to field one senior team. Many times the club have tried to get junior interest but it has never gone ahead. We are a member of a South Australian league and so travel for most of our games. The first few years that HS played the team were very stable and successful even winning a flag but since then the success has varied. The guys and girls enjoy playing and have improved which is the most important thing. For the last 3 seasons there has been no presentation night, the club has struggled financially with members not paying fees and for uniforms. This season the Association has helped out with an interest free loan over 5 years which will allow us to settle our debts with them and McDonalds has jumped on board and sponsored the trophies. We have just had the presentation night and trophies were given for all 4 seasons, how thrilled we were that HS received 4 - Rookie, Clubman, Runner up Best & Fairest and for this season just gone 'Best & Fairest'. We are very proud parents, all the dedication and commitment to training and games has paid off. We are all looking forward to next season.

Further to last nights Pony Club AGM, SH is still President and Catering officer and I am still Treasurer and Public Officer!!!!!!! At least we managed to fill all the positions but at one stage I was going to be adding Secretary to my load, thank goodness that didn't happen!!!


joolzmac said...

It sounds like without your family in the community, not much would get done. They say, if you want something done, ask a busy person! Would that be you? Good onya!

Cheers - Joolz

Calidore said...

Got to agree with Joolz on the busy person theory. Well done HS on the awards. They have been long deserved.