Tuesday, April 26, 2011


On Monday SH, the 'horsey' one and I went on a UFO, apparently in teenage lingo that means an 'Unavoidable family outing'!!! For many years we have driven past the sign for Narrapumelap, a French gothic mansion and garden that is being restored in Wickliffe. It is only open twice a year and we always seem to have something else planned. This Easter we decided to definitely visit so Monday was the day. We were so blessed with the weather, it was beautiful. We took a picnic and to eat it in the sun feeling warmth was amazing!(can you tell I am not looking forward to the grey damp winter?).
We walked through the house which is in various stages of restoration. What an impressive house it must of been in its day. There has been a new kitchen put in and the bathrooms are being worked on at the moment and I admit I was disappointed as they do not seem to be in the keeping of the style, a little too 'new' for me! There is a tower building, you make your way up a tiny narrow steep set of stairs to get out to the balcony, definitely single file only, there were a lot of giggles especially when my legs seized up on the way down, obviously I need to exercise more!
The gardens were lovely and once again to just imagine them in their glory, they must of been magnificent.
It was nice to finally see what was behind the sign and it will be lovely to return one day when the restoration is finished.


Calidore said...

Now that's my kind of house and garden....but only if I have the staff to maintain it that is..vbg. Sounds like a fabulous day - lucky you. I'm green with envy.

Floss said...

As a teenager I looked after Children whose parents ran an house very similar to this a s a hotel. The gardens look the most similar to me. Thanks for sharing this brought back good memories.