Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beautiful sunny day!

Catch up time in our house today..... the sun is shining and the world is good! Amazing how a bit of vitamin d is good for the soul!

Well my problem with blog reading in my last post was all my own doing! I had forgotten that I used google reader now not bloglines ..... think maybe it was a sign I was not well. I felt a little funny in the tummy Wednesday morning, lasted 20 minutes at work and succumbed to a full blown attack of gastro. I didn't get back to work for the rest of the week, not even managing to move anywhere other than my bed and the bathroom until Friday. Luckily I am feeling better now but boy it was not pleasant! To top it off SH was in Melbourne for work.The 'horsey' one was such a help cooking dinner and making school lunches. Not sure whether she got to bed on time or how much homework was done though!
Once I was feeling better SH came down with a miserable cold as did HS. HS also had some type of virus with fevers and aches. Just what he didn't need! Poor little Sharron was also unwell with this virus last night but she seems to be better today. Think maybe we need to be quarantined!!

I actually don't feel right 'complaining' about our trials at the moment, yes we are living them and yes they are a worry and our life is revolving around them - particularly the wrist incident which is ongoing, but a family that we love and have grown up with in country NSW is living a nightmare at the moment. Jess, who is 17 and doing her VCE, has been diagnosed with a degenerative brain disorder. Without warning it struck. There is no treatment. The prognosis is not good. She is having many invasive and painful tests. No one is sure which path it will take or how quickly. This has weighed heavily on my mind for the few weeks I have known, the 'horsey one' is the same age and they are very similar in personality, I can not imagine how I would even begin to cope or understand if the situation was reversed. Please keep her, her parents, brothers and sisters and extended family (which includes my Aunty Judy)in your prayers.

Today has been productive, a flourless orange cake, cornflake & choc chip cookies, Greek lemon chicken soup, pumpkin soup, savory scones and a rhubarb crumble. Add to this the multiple loads of washing and we have been busy. I shall sleep well!

I can't back any of this up, the sun or the activity with photos as I have lost? misplaced? or had it borrowed? my camera card reader. If it is on the 'horsey' ones desk we may never see it again!!!


joolzmac said...

Wow you have been busy and sick and nursemaid and ...!
So sorry your friend's daughter is having a battle at the moment. It is so scary when these things happen - I am the same, I always wonder how I would cope and it gives me shivers! I do hope there maybe some light at the end of the tunnel.
We had a busy weekend and now the washing machine is going full boar but it's off to work for me tomorrow so no rest for the wicked!

Cheers - Joolz

Cardygirl said...

Just what you didn't need but glad you are all recovering! Worrying news for the family...illness in the young seems so senseless.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lise. So much sickness in your house at the moment. Hope that everyone is on the up and up... and everyone is feeling lots better really soon! How devastating for your friend's daughter. That's terrible. We never know what life is going to bring. I'll be praying for them that they can do something for her.

Calidore said...

So the dreaded lurgy of gastro has headed your way too. Sending healing thoughts your way. Prayers are being said for your friends daughter too. Hope the wrist is on the mend and all will be well this week in your household.

Laurie said...

I am sorry to hear of your trials ... You will be in my prayers and thoughts plus your friends ....and I thought my troubles were bad enough, there is always some in more need ... chin up and take care

Hugs Laurie