Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cookbook creation!

The school Parents and Friends Association is producing a cookbook to release next term. All school families were asked for recipes and 256 were chosen to be in the book. Of course I got mine in on the last day!!! I submitted 5 of our favorites, not sure yet how many made the final cut. Some members volunteered to be 'testing' cooks and when my berry cake was tested a few flaws in the recipe were found - I hadn't listed the egg in the ingredients and hadn't said where to add the vanilla !Oops!! Last week we had a food stylist and photographer for 2 days , I didn't realise quite what I was letting myself in for when I said I was available for a morning to help. I had to bake 3 of my recipes and deliver them to be photographed. It was an amazing thing to be part of and worth all the stress of hoping my results were good enough. It is so much more involved than I ever imagined. Just one of my photos took about 40 minutes to take, to get it 'just right'!!! I made my Rocky road cheesecake, my Grandma's berry cake and my 'Lise fields' cookies! I can't wait to see the finished product and share it with you. (I took my camera on the day but amateur photos were frowned upon!)
We have still been enjoying Masterchef and I am so glad my 2 favorites are still in, Kate and Alana. I loved Sunday's show when they had to write their own recipe, just shows it's not as easy as you would think and I would of loved to taste test tonight's desserts!!!


Pen Pen said...

Wow, the cookbook creation sounds like a lot of work. I watched something on tv once, about food photography, and was amazed at all the work that goes into it. A lot of the food wasn't really cooked all the way and they used a lot of air brushing to make it pretty. I was amazed. good luck on your work!

A Blessed Life said...

The cookbook sounds great usually they are when Mums do the recipes,you will have to blog about it when it comes out.

Carol said...

I'm playing catch up here, and itmay already be released, but do let me know when the cookbook is released, as I'd like to buy one from you.

I love these types of cook books because I know for sure that EVERY single recipe will work. :-)