Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another Day Out...

Does anyone else ever wish for some days to just stay home and catch up on the mundane chores??? I'm at that stage at the moment. Everything in the house is calling out for attention but I'm just not home long enought to attend to it all! I did decide 2008 was the year for making the time to catch up with family and friends and I am enjoying it so I guess housework will have to be hit and miss for a little longer!

I headed out of town yesterday to catch up with two friends, they are both godmothers to the horsey one. One of them was married in November so we wanted to look at the photos and dvd. We had a lovely lunch with lots of chatting.

We met in the city my Mum lives in and Mum and I made a quick trip to the local Aldi supermarket where we both bought ourselves a 'sewing machine' for a ridiculous $69! Why am I excited?? This year the horsey one finally has her own horse and she has started bringing home rugs that need to be mended yesterday please Mum! I am not too happy about using my quilting machine (nothing fancy but does the job nicely) for bulky, smelly, hairy rugs.... Anyway this new machine will be the 'horse' one and we will see how it goes. For that price it is worth the experiment. Mum bought hers for taking to classes etc as a smaller , lighter option.
Hoping to post the 3 little pigs block tonight!!!! Computer is being very hard to get along with at the moment so not sure how I will go, I only like technology when it is working!


Andrea said...

It even has a 1 year warranty so can't be bad. Housework is such an over-rated pastime - you need a bit of dirt to build up an immune system - lol !! Does that sound convincing ?

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

That's SO funny, I bought one as well!! We used it for the first time the other day, a little noisy and I am having a little trouble with getting the top thread to stay threaded but generally good. I bought it for my girl to play on,
Love what you have done with the nursery rhyme quilt.
My kids were waiting to go to That Wildlife park again all hols but the weather was never right when we were! Tracey