Friday, April 18, 2008

Feeling stupid!

Does anyone else ever get that really stupid feeling?? or is it only me?? I was working (well actually only started ) a small , easy peasy, project last night for my quilting birthday buddy. I'd put so much thought into it instead of deciding on something and starting it that I am now working against the clock!! (Unfortuantly a true trait of mine) I cannot understand the directions / instructions / recipe, whatever you call them. I had cut out 2 thinking I was smart and would be a gift ahead , no the extra was to muck up, to practice , to try and work out what on earth they meant for me to do...... I got an okay but only okay end result doing it my way on the practice one but am determined not to let it beat me. After an early morning and a full day at work I intend getting it out and doing it all again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have had a very early morning - even for me ( I get up at 5am every day!), my darling Super Husband is taking the Horsey one to an interschool showjumping competition today. Wish I could be there to watch but sure I will get constant updates and hopefully lots of photos to share.

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