Saturday, April 5, 2008

Girls Day Out!

Yesterday was lots of fun! Mum decided she needed some as a dutiful daughter what could I do but take her to get some! Headed off to Ballarat early with the Horsey one and Seb on board as well. The Horsey one was promised a visit to a horse shop and Seb was promised a shop where he could look at computer games. Coffee was first on the agenda, you need strength for this kind of shopping! then off to the first fabric shop which can be very hit and miss. It was a good day, I didn't even get to look at everything, when I couldn't carry my bolts I decided I must have enough.... Mum is doing a class next week and I convinced her the range of 'mauve and creams' was much nicer than anything in her stash, unfortuantly no photo, she also managed to get some wadding and backing for a quilt. This photo is of my purchases, SH wonders what on earth I am going to do with them, he knows me too well. They just talked to me! The pink with white dot is for my goddaughter Bianca's quilt, the two brights next to it are for some birthday runners I have planned and the rest are for other projects - just not sure what yet??? I LOVE the strawberries and blueberries in the front, don't know if I'll ever be able to cut into them, it may just stay as looking fabric along with the strawberry and blueberry buttons I already have! Most of it was on sale and I'm talking cheap which helped me justify it......We then headed to 'Gails', most Victorian's would know of her shop. It is just beautiful. My problem is I can never make any decisions there and just enjoy the looking. My only purchase was 2 different pieces of ribbon, both with some reference to chocolate! My mother thinks I am mad! Mum managed to get the VIP fabric she was looking for. Lunch followed with my cousin, as children we didn't really get along but now I love catching up with her and then a few other shops before heading home. The horsey one got to her horse shop and managed to get a neck rug she was happy with, who knew there was so much involved in that kind of purchase!! This was the other purchases . The horsey one got polar fleece 'Wiggles' fabric for Nan to make a neck rug for her horse 'Dudley'. Her choice! and I indulged with a new book, didn't need it but I will enjoy it. Went to bed tired but very happy with the days outing.

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