Thursday, April 3, 2008

Confession Time!

I have a confession to make! My taste in television viewing is somewhat dubious....and in no way reflects the taste of the rest of my family (they always like me to make that clear - although I have hope the horsey one will follow her mother!). I love reality tv - Amazing race , Survivor , Biggest Loser (on now and the prompt for this post!) , Next Top Model !!!!! I have been known to watch Big Brother in the past but that will definately stay there. I also love a medical reality show, watch the 'gory' bits from behind my hands but Medical Emergency, RPA, Saving Babies are up there too! Love my soapies / dramas too - All Saints, House, Greys Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. We have a teenage soap here 'Home & Away' which is on nightly for half an hour which I tape and catch up on. I don't always let the horsey one watch it unless I have already checked how they handle the numerous topics they tackle. My SH is amazed at just how much happens in 'Summer Bay'!! An all time favorite show is 'Gilmore Girls' and yes I have all the series but one on dvd (am getting that for mothers day in a few weeks - I hope!). I like old shows and have dvds reflecting that - Little House on the Prairie, Mork and Mindy Ally McBeal amongst others. I love a cooking show especially Nigella , oh and I love a good talk show. I would LOVE one day to go to an Oprah show taping.
I am not sure quite why I have confessed this , it looks a lot worse in print and no I don't have enough time to watch all of these shows. Maybe I should watch none and I would get a lot more quilting done!!!


Calidore said...

Have just found your blog and if it helps I find those shows "semi normal"...vbg....although I have to agree with you on The Amazing Race - great show. At least you didn't mention "Little Britian" or "Futurama" or worse "Jerry Springer" like my DH and DD love...sigh. Give me a nice comedy or a series like "The Tudors" and I'm happy.

Owens Family Adventures said...

I love Little House on the Prarie!! Every time Pa would cry I would be right there with him. Those shows were the best! I am also a closet The Hills show fan! hahahahaha