Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Well todays post will be a hotpotch of odds and ends! I don't really have anything much to report on, everyday life keeps me too busy at the moment for anything fun and exciting!! NO the '3 little pigs' is not finished yet, I am now officially a week and a half behind schedule and starting to get desperate. I have other projects I want to work on, aside from the other million or so (well thats what it seems like!) blocks for the nursery rhyme quilt..........I am posting a photo of a quilt but not one of mine. Mum made this in a class last year and finished it for my Handsome Son. I wondered if it had too much pink in it for a teenage boy but he seemed happy enough with it. I bought black linen for the bed which I think sets it off well. Having light colored cats sleep on it is not a good idea though!! Speaking of my HS, he is doing work experience this week. Loves not having to go to school but told me last night after day 1 his work is 'too hard' - Welcome to the real world!! He is working at a local well renowned hotel with a fantastic chef in the kitchen as this is what he thinks he'd like to do. After this week he should have a better idea of if it is his chosen career path or not. He did have a good day yesterday but is all 'peeled out', a box of spuds and a few thousand hazlenuts!! Had some good and some bad news yesterday, one of my best buddys got the results of a breast lump she'd had removed and it was benign - thank goodness for that, she's had more than her fair share of heartache in the last few years. The bad news came via another special friend in Western Australia where we lived for 4 years. A little girl (well she was then ) that my Horsey one went to school and was friends with passed away this week. Kate turned 14 in February. In October she went into hospital for an appendix operation , her heart stopped on the table, she went into a coma, came out of it to go through open heart surgery and was on the waiting list for a heart transplant. Unfortuantly she passed away before one became available. We hadn't kept in touch but I am thinking of her family and friends. A reminder to us all to hug our children tight and as a family to discuss organ donation and to register for this.
On a brighter note to finish, how did I get the name for my blog????? The Chocolate Cat? Simple , I love chocolate and cats!!!!
As I finished this my home computer crashed, it is very ill! so I am finishing this at work but it means your will have to imagine Mums quilt as there is no photo at the moment!!


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Jolly computers!! And don't stress about getting behind, it is the story of my life!
Sad about the WA girl, as my husband would say, "live like there is no tomorrow! " Tracey

Carol said...

You like chocolate and cats??? Well you're my kind of people!!!!

So sorry about your friend, so tragic for the little girl.

As for your son, mmmmmm mmmmmmm, it would be lovely to have a chef in the family huh?