Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Monday morning!

Well it's a few days since I last posted and lots but not much has happened!!
Friday I enjoyed not working by a trip to the hairdressers for a new cut and color, oh that feels good!! Under no illusions though that when I try to do it myself for work today it will not look the same............. I also bought myself a 'red coat', it looked at me and I just had no choice! Not sure how much use it will get but at the moment am enjoying the thought that it's mine!
On Saturday 'the Horsey One's' Pony Club of which I am unfortuantly Treasurer (one of the only jobs you don't need to know anything about horses! ) held our fundraiser for the year, a One Day Event competition. We are a small club and there is so much work that goes into a day like this. I was on the go by 4.30am and out there in the secretary's office by 7am having delivered the bread and my baking to the catering and having made sure the horsey one was organised. I am so lucky, she knows I know nothing about the beasts so is able to do it all with no help!! She had a lovely day, she only got Dudley this year and this was their 4th One Day Event competition together and the first time she wasn't eliminated in the cross country. She didn't place but just enjoyed competing. The day went surprisingly smoothly and hurray there is now 12 months before we have to run the next one!
Yesterday I had plans! It was even on the weekly running sheet on the fridge that I had plans! I was having a PJ day, yep I was not getting out of bed or my pjs all day, I was not attending to the house or others!! and yes all plans are made to be broken although I was perhaps a little lazier than usual. I had to be up and have Handsome Son to the stadium to referee basketball in a tournament by 9am. He also had his first football game of the season yesterday afternoon so that took up the rest of the day. Unfortuantly he was injured in the first 5 minutes! He has done something to his ankle. I was sure it wasn't broken so didn't take him up to the hospital last night but now in hindsight I probably shouldn't of waited till today to have it checked. Remember he is male and ill or injured males are a species of their own!! It isn't particularly swollen but he can't weight bear and it does have a funny shape to it and " he hasn't slept a wink all night and can't possibly go to school for at least a month"..........................................Anyway I will try to find a replacement for work, take a day of carers leave, put a book and some stitching in my bag, get some crutches and then wait to see a doctor and have it xrayed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Owens Family Adventures said...

Sorry to read about the Handsome Son!! Men..augh!
I love days when I can just stay in my PJ's and while the day away. :)
Thanks for the comment on my adashi debacle!! hahahaha They are due here any moment and every time one of my kiddos walks past the bedroom door, where I am blogging away, I see them peek at me and then they tip-toe away. I am such a role model and a pillar of strength!! hahaha
Have a great day!!