Sunday, April 27, 2008


It will be an inside day today and I'm hoping a lazyish one as well!! The list on the fridge of things that must be done before the week starts again tomorrow tells another story! We'll see....

Spent a lovely day with Mum yesterday. The 'Horsey one' was showjumping in another town so off we went to watch. The boys all decided it was too cold and would much rather stay home so it was just Mum and I. We arrived a bit early so what else to do but a tad of shopping. Mum has a class this week to make a box??? and still needed some ingrediants. I didn't need anything! Well she got what she wanted and I just happened to see the 'sale' table and acquire 2 very small, very inexpensive , really won't make any difference to my cupboard that is already bursting at the seams , fabric!! I am planning to make my goddaughter a quilt so the green is for that and the other piece , well there is no reason at all that I bought it except I liked it! I have a bit of a thing for dragonflys. We lived in Broome Western Australia for 4 years and the dragonflys arriving always signified the changing of the season. Oh I also bought 2 rolls of ribbon that I thought would be very handy.

Arriving at the showjumping we were able to park the car right outside the ring and drink coffee from the cars comfort but it got colder and colder and colder. As soon as we had seen our girl jump we bailed and headed for home! As busy as Mum manages to keep with her various patchwork and embroidery groups and her volunteer jobs I know she gets very lonely and I know that sometimes with my busy life when I am tired I am more impatient than I should be with her so a day like this is lovely to spend time together and catch up on all the not so important news!

Arrived home to 'Super Husband' at his absolute best! Roses on the table and in the bedroom (from our garden), 2 freshly baked banana cakes, pumpkin soup ready for dinner and the patience of a saint! I am truly blessed.
Just realised the photo isn't great and you can't really see the fabrics - oops sorry but at least you can enjoy my roses with me!


Andrea said...

Sounds like a great day ! Any chance of your recipe for anzac biscuits ?

Pen Pen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I will spend more time here as soon as I can find some time to enjoy blogs again. (we're in the middle of a move) Love the three little pigs below. Are you doing a whole quilt with children's stories? How cute!