Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Angels on the go!

Okay so this posting more often failed! Oops.....Been busy but nothing particularly interesting to report so this may be a bit of a waffling post - be warned!
Spent last Sunday at a horse show with my darling 'horsey one'. It was cold and windy and started to rain about 2pm. I know, its winter and I should expect winter weather and I know everyone wants rain and if I was tucked up at home with the heater on and a good book I would of been happy but I wasn't and the 5 layers of clothes only kept me warm for so long! Luckily I was able to prove that my coat was indeed waterproof. Anyway in dressage the horse stayed in the arena and she stayed on which was a bonus with how he warmed up and she didn't do the worst test of her section. Showjumping was great, a nice clear round. Good things are looking up! Cross Country was ugly, very ugly!!! Dudley started playing up before he even got to the first fence and continued the whole way around the course. The ditch was disasterous but they got through, but finally on the next jump they were eliminated when he refused this one too and they walked home, one poor little girl very upset and disappointed but most importantly both horse and rider safe and well. It was their first grade 3 competition together but there will be many more and they will improve in each one!
Monday I worked but SH, the Horsey one and I watched 'Alvin and the chipmunks' together in the evening. Wasn't the best movie I've ever seen but it was fun.
I had an unexpected day off yesterday and decided I should make the most of it! (looking at the house this morning maybe I should of cleaned first and played second!!). I started my Angel quilt! Hopefully Stina will be impressed!! I really didn't need another project on the go but I've owned the book for years and have only made little bits and bots from it so while I can join others I will see how much I can get done. I am making it entirely out of my stash - or that is the plan anyway. The 'horsey one' and I went out for lunch (her choice Maccas - yuk!) then to the movies with friends of hers to see Kung Fu panda. I could relate to Po in a lot of ways, unfortuantly I am often lazy and motivated by food!! We enjoyed it and had quite a few laughs. Came home and read the latest 'Homespun' magazine and did some more work on the angels so a good day.
Am trying a new system with my craft at the moment which I have stolen from another blogger. I am concentrating on just 7 projects and working on just 1 each day, setting myself a minimum of what I'd like to get done. Only started this week but have enjoyed sitting down and stitching in the evening opposed to running around and just getting a few more jobs done. I have had some 'me ' time. Not sure how long I'll stick at it but we'll see.
Have had some emails and a phone call from 'HS'. He is having a great time in Hong Kong and seeing a lot. Spending a lot of time exploring the markets especially the food sections!!! He is missing us though! which is lovely.


Stina said...

I´m SOOOO impressed...*LOL* Glad you joined in!!! LOVE to see every little step on the way!!!

our shabby cottage said...

Hi Chocolate Cat, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, my poor boys have been inside due to the yucky weather. I have tried keeping them busy! I like the craft idea of doing just 7 projects. I seem to have this big pile of unfinished business! So I may have to adopt this idea...
Bye, Kathryn.

Victoria said...

So sorry that Dudley was having an off day. Best wishes for next time!

I read the reviews on Alvin and The Chipmunks, so I skipped that one. I enjoyed Kungfu Panda, though.