Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sovereign Hill

As I had the day off on Friday I had promised the 'Horsey' one she could choose what we would do for the day as a school holiday treat. I thought we would be off shopping somewhere - what a shame! but no she decided we would visit Sovereign Hill. As the friends she asked to join us already had plans it was just us. Sovereign Hill in Ballarat is a historical park based on the goldfields in the 1850's. It is a township just as it would of been then complete with costumed staff and volunteers. It has been open for approximately 30 years now and is always growing in some way. Over the years we have had some wonderful days there. The 'horsey' one last visited with her 6th grade class a few years ago and they stayed onsite and dressed in costume and attended the school for 2 days. This visit was no exception. We had a great funfilled day from the minute we got there until we staggered to the car in the late afternoon. We had a coach ride, went down a mine, bowled in the bowling alley, had a pastie from the bakery (yum!), panned for gold, went to school, dipped candles and went to the confectionary shop and bought our traditional boiled sweets - our favorites - raspberry drops and horsehead lollipops!! We sat in the bar of the hotel to eat lunch while listening to the folk band and explored both the tent city and the homes of our early settlers. To the 'horsey' one's amazment and puzzlement I took photos of the quilts on some of their beds! She couldn't quite understand why!!!
A definate touristy must if you are ever in this area.

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Clare said...

What am amazing place and what a great way to spend the 4th July - going back in time!

Love the second quilt p hoto. Very "liberated".

Ruth's Place said...

Sovereign Hill is fabulous!! We visited while we were living in Ballarat and did the gold panning. My husband found a big gold nugget (they had seeded the bags with them for a promotion). Of course this was before I was a quilter, so I paid no attention to the quilts on the beds :(

Christine said...

I've been to Sovereign Hill a few times and have always enjoyed it. The last time was in 2000 and I bought a rocking chair which I display dolls or bears in.

Carol said...

Gosh I haven't been to Sovereign Hill in years, you've made me now want to make the trek back there to see it once again.