Sunday, July 13, 2008

My boy is home!

I have just put a huge pot of pumpkin soup on so thought I would catch up to date with the happenings!
My boy is home so I am very happy! He had a great time but as you would expect is tired. Thought maybe he could start his school holidays now!!!! I don't think so. Showed his photos last night and was full of stories of things he had done. Didn't spend a lot of money - think when it is your own the shopping is not quite as appealing. Was quite upset he hadn't bought good enough presents but the best present I could have is having him home safe and sound. He caught a virus while away and his friends Mum took him to a clinic where he was given 5 different medicines!! As it is only a cold I have stopped him taking them but I will be interested to show them to Sam's Mum (the other boy who went) who is a GP to see just what he was given!
Collecting him from the airport was an experience in itself. As I didn't want to make the whole trip in one day , it is around 3 and 1/2 hours from home, I finished work at lunchtime on Thursday and the 'Horsey' one and I set off. We stopped in Ballarat on the way for some shopping. We needed to buy new riding boots and school shoes! Had a coffee with the 'Horsey' ones godmother before she heads overseas tomorrow then continued down the highway. It was cold, it was dark, it was so cold if it wasn't raining it would of been snowing, there was water sitting on the road. It was not a good trip! The car showed the temperature as starting at 6 degrees and dropping steadily to 1! The motel near the airport that we normally stay in didn't have any specials so 'SH' had booked us into a cheaper one - after all it was only to sleep! The motel room was cold and noisy and our dinner was very ordinary and breakfast the next morning even worse. I then came down with an upset stomach so things weren't good but I was excited 'HS' was coming home! We arrived at the airport in plenty of time, purchased the 'krispy kreme' donuts (another story in itself) and waited for the plane to arrive then waited for 'HS' to appear and waited and waited and waited........ All of a sudden we were the only people waiting and my stomach was sinking further and further. I cornered a customs man and he very kindly interuppted his coffee break to go and investigate. When he told me customs and luggage was clear and my boys hadn't been on the plane I felt sick. I phoned 'SH' and while he was at home trying to contact Hong Kong to see what had gone wrong there I reread the itinery and after another 10 minutes I read it correctly that I was a day early and they didn't arrive home until the 12th!! This is not like me at all, I may be unorganised and busy but I am always on time and almost anal about things like this. After I had cried and laughed in relief and frustration the Horsey one and I went and booked into the good motel and spent another night away from home. Noone else had checked the itinery as they assumed I would be right! The only thing that made me feel slightly better was that Sam's mum had thought they were getting home Friday too and had even baked a cake.
I did manage to do some stitching (thank goodness I had taken it!) and read a book so the time was not altogether wasted!


Owens Family Adventures said...

So glad your son is home and happy birthday to your girl!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What an adventure - glad to hear he is home safe and sound!

Andrea said...

That is just the sort of thing I would do too - lol ! Look on it as being so eager to see him xx

Mischief Maker said...

I worked in Sth Korea for a year and when I came down with a cold I had to have 20 different pills and visit the Dr everyday. On top of that because my throat and ears were sore I had to see a throat specialist and then go and see an ear specialist! In the end I stopped going to the Dr and stopped the drugs and got better on my own.

Pen Pen said...

What a trip you had! So glad everyone is home safe and sound. I can only imagine your panic when son didn't arrive home on the first plane.

Little Mysteries said...

So glad he made it home safe and sound. Hope he is over the cold now.