Thursday, August 19, 2010

Best friends!

Another cold, wet day and getting home from work I found Jimmy and the 'horsey' one sharing a chair and a cuddle in front of the computer!! How cute!!

Even with the cold and the enormous amount of rain that we have had our pot of cyclamen are still flowering. We have had this pot for a lot of years and I'm ashamed to say it gets no tender loving care. It always brings back memories of my 'Nan', it was one of her favorite plants. When it is flowering it always feels like she is close and looking over us.


Pen Pen said...

Love the pic of the dog and your daughter at the computer. I have a dachshund who likes to climb up in my lap and look at facebook, too! :o)

Carol said...

Oh my goodness, and Jimmy has his head cocked just so that he's taking in everything he's seeing on the screen. I love it ! My cat likes to sit on the desk here beside me, but sometimes she likes to try to type which is not good! LOL And Molly, well she just lays at my feet, my big girl that she is.