Monday, August 9, 2010

Pies and destruction!

I forgot to show you two of our purchases from Costco yesterday! These looked amazing and just happened to find their way into our trolley.
This is a 2kg apple pie that had been recommended. All of our family loves apple pie and although we normally make our own this was irresistible. We are having it for dessert tonight with a choice of custard, cream or ice cream on the side. Anyone care to join us??? There is plenty to share! (don't panic , there is not a chance we will eat it all so I plan to freeze individual slices for after school or sports snacks!!)

This is a pumpkin pie (1.7kg if anyone is interested in just how enormous it is). We have made them before and they are a favorite of HS (in fact he has as many favorites as the horsey one is fussy!!). How could I say no when he asked for it ever so nicely fluttering his eyelashes?? I think he has this earmarked as for him only but SH and I will be tasting it so we know whether to buy it again.

This morning I woke to be greeted by Jimmy's latest destruction! Honestly this dog must have a gut of steel. Overnight he destroyed / ate a tube of 'Pawpaw ointment' (can be used as an antiseptic, lip balm etc). There was definitely no ointment left only a mangled mess of red plastic and not even enough of that to make up a whole tube!!


Beth said...

The pies look lovely! I have a friend who thinks "pie fixes EVERYTHING'! Our smallest and youngest dog is a chewer. He prefers the toes and heels of dirty socks! UGH! Yesterday I found 2 PIECED half sq triangle blocks! This means WAR!

Margaret said...

After your recommendations I must give Costco a go.