Friday, August 13, 2010

Even fewer words Friday!

I have been sitting here contemplating and wondering why I have nothing to say? Am I just that boring? or is my life that mundane? and decided that there has to be at least 10 things I am thankful for today! Here goes.......
1) It is Friday , the end of the week and I didn't have to work today and I still have the weekend to tick everything off my list that was missed today!
2) Fresh sheets on my bed, there is nothing nicer than snuggling in warm, crisp sheets.
3) Having coffee with friends, always good for the soul.
4) A waxing appointment, my eyebrows can be seen in public again!
5) I managed to do some Christmas shopping today and my sister's parcel may even be sent on time by sea mail!
6) Chatting with a wonderful friend on the school steps, solving the problems our year 12 students face together, knowing we are not alone.
7) I am very grateful the house didn't burn down when SH left the hotplate on at lunchtime and that I found it in time!!!!!
8) My Gilmore Girls DVDs, I am up to season 3 and still loving them, especially when there is still no tv at our place.
9) Homemade Baklava from a very dear friend who knows how much we love it.
10) The company of a sleepy cat, something very comforting about that!

Thought I might struggle for a little while there!!! I am thinking over the weekend I may finally work on the rest of the posts for our US and our Kimberleys holidays, then I can finally get our photo books organised for them as well before they are just a distant memory.
I apologise if the contents of this blog are not always crafty or interesting but I am trying to use it (especially posting each day) to document the little things and the real everyday things of mine and my family's life.
Thanks for dropping in!


Tarnyia said...

That was such a good idea to write about 10 things... sometimes I don't post for days as I feel nothing has happened... good for you xxx

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love this post!! It is nice to reflect ont he little things that make you happy. We are huge Gilmore Girls fans here - such clever dialogue in the show - we were sad when season 7 ended.

Margaret said...

I see that Posting everyday could be a problem. Like I must write that letter then when you ppick up the pen the brain goes dry. You had an interesting day and one that wsn't mundane. very intresting.

Beth said...

some days are craftier than others! I only made it into the sewing room to pull out some quilting (No WONDER I didn't get much done in there..I HATE that!..but the quilting than stellar!lolol

Calidore said...

You have ten things you can talk about - I can't even come up with that many....sigh. I don't care if you blog is crafty or not - so long as I know you are there...grin. Have a lovely and really relaxing weekend.

Indigo Blue said...

Your blog is never boring!! I read it a lot and like to hear what you are doing.