Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More mail but not for me!!!

SH received a parcel in the mail today from the USA. Quite unusual because it is normally me receiving the parcels. This was from Jack who was on the Kimberley trip with us in May. He was travelling by himself and was just lovely. He realised that SH loved baseball and the Angels (maybe because he had numerous Angels shirts!) and offered to get him a shirt when he got home. (SH has tried to order direct from the Angels before but the amount of postage they charge is ridiculous) We hadn't heard anything and had actually forgotten all about the offer, we know what it is like returning to everyday life!! but today a great tshirt turned up. There are some very special people in the world and I have a very happy husband!

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Beth said...

I'm on your husbands side about the baseball. My husband and I are Diamondback fans..BUT our youngest is a Red Sox fan..so we fight over the TV some weekends! His best buddy is a YANKEE fan...OMGoodness! The trash talking! sometimes is unbearable! Tell you husband our dog is named after the Rally Monkey (dog is Rally...other dog is Rookie...3rd dog was SUPPOSED to be Shortstop , Shorty for everyday..but there was a family dispute about that and he is Buddy ..ick) Very much the baseball family! I think I LIKE Your husband! lolol