Monday, August 2, 2010

Gorgeous Jimmy!

Thought it was time for a Jimmy update! As you can see he loves comfort! curling up on a knee for a cuddle whenever possible. He got a lovely new coat for winter which is keeping him warm during the day when we are at work and school, only once has he chewed it but luckily it was mendable. Has he been into mischief? oh yes, in the last month he has eaten a pin cushion and a hockey sock!!! He was very lucky they did not cause a trip to the vet. He still doesn't sleep at night, never before have I known a dog with insomnia but we are working through it. He certainly has got under our skin (even mine!) and become a much loved member of the family. We are still looking for a friend for him but waiting until the perfect companion comes along.

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Carol said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot get over how much Jimmy has grown. Heck. Is he snoozing during the day, and that's why he's not sleeping at night?