Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Henry!

Today, August 1st, is all horses Birthday so it was fairly apt that we had our Pony Club rally for the month today and was able to spend the day with our special friends on their special day! Not so good was the weather, it rained and was cold and miserable all morning. We finished early so we could all rush home for an inside afternoon but before we left it was cake time!!! The top one was one especially for the horses, made from oats, bran, golden syrup, carrots and apples!! and the next one was the one the 'horsey' one made for the kids to eat. I purchased a horse shaped tin from Ikea earlier in the year and it is amazing how often it is used! Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and mini m & m's made for a 'fat' pony but a delicious treat!! None of it made it home with us!! Look how much Henry enjoyed his horsey cake, he would of eaten the lot if he'd been given half a chance!!

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Anita said...

Happy Birthday to Henry. It sounds like I am in good company. Tell Henry I hope he enjoyed the cake for both of us since I am trying to lose weight so didn't have one today. Hope your afternoon was warmer than you morning.