Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Hat and a Moose!

I got a parcel from a very special friend today. I met Catherine (Calidore) in blogland and have been lucky enough to meet her in 'real life' (remember the axe murderer story??). She sent me a handknitted hat to replace the one naughty Jimmy ate. This one may not be possum wool or from New Zealand but it is so very precious and appreciated. It fits perfectly. Thank you Catherine, I can't wait till we catch up again.

The 'horsey one' and I headed off to Mum's town this morning for an Orthodontist appointment. It was very chilly when we set off and after hearing on the radio it was 3 degrees no wonder it felt cold!! The 'horsey one' was having spacers in preparation for having braces fitted next Friday. The appointment went well, we think! He put some spacers in her bottom teeth and we thought she was only having top braces at this stage!!! Oh well I'm sure he knows what he is doing and we will find out for sure next week! The best part of the day was catching up with Mum and seeing what she has been creating. She has almost finished the Christmas Quilt (a Hatched and Patched pattern) and is well on the way with Irish Birds (think that is what it is called, a Lynette Anderson pattern). She has also completed this Christmas moose! He is so cute and I can see a lot more being made closer to the silly season. She said he was quick and easy to create. I cannot remember who the designer is but can ask Mum if anyone would like to know.

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