Monday, January 31, 2011


While we were in Broome we were staying at Toni & Richard's 'Broometown B&B'.Richard built it and they have been opened 5 years. If anyone wants an adult escape to Broome I can highly recommend it. The guest rooms are very stylish and tastefully decorated with works from local artists. I found this cushion in one of the guest rooms just spoke to me. I have added it to my 'must do one day' list. Simple, achievable but doesn't it look great???


Lorraine said...

what a simple, classic look! Love it!

Mistea said...

Simple elegance - gorgeous.
Lots of options available to vary that theme.
Look forward to seeing your creation.

Brandie said...

Yes! It's perfect! I have made a couple of these with my Grandmother's vintage buttons. The family members love them. Love it!