Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a week!

It's a week since I posted and I wish I had an exciting reason!! I don't! All I can say is time was at a premium this week and nothing out of the ordinary that I thought warranted a post was happening. Have decided this coming week I must find something special to post about each day!!
Started the week with another trip to the doctors for 'Handsome Son'. No not about his foot that's still in plaster or the mole he'd had removed the week before but the lump that had developed on his cheek! After an hour wait (when I'd forgotten to pack my stitching in the rush after work) diagnosed as an abcess and a course of antibiotics prescribed. Finished the week with another trip to the doctor with 'HS' to have the stitches removed and the pathology relating to the mole. 'All Clear and OK' ! Hadn't realised how much we'd been holding our breath waiting for the results. Mum's brother was the same age (16) when he was diagnosed with melanoma and his original mole was in the same spot. Mum and her sisters were scared they were going to have to relive that nightmare.
I had a full week of work with 2 specialist clinics that I provided reception for. One was my favorite , the Paediatrician, where I have plenty of time to stitch and read!! and of course I love the kids coming in, and the other was a new clinic for a neurologist who does 'nerve conduction ' testing. He came with a reputation of being a little difficult and yes he deserves the title. I ran for the whole clinic and earned every cent.
Yesterday was a day spent with sport! The 'Horsey One' played 2 games of netball in the morning then hockey in the afternoon. Needless to say she put herself to bed last night and is still sleeping very soundly. She has Pony Club today so another early night will be needed tonight.
Wondering if 'Super Husband' and I are being unreasonable?? The 'Horsey One' has a good friend in her class and hockey team whose parents are often busy. The mum asked us last week if she could come home with us after hockey for a while as Dad was out of town and Mum would be busy....when we get to hockey Mum tells us she expects to pick her up at 9.30pm but actually arrived at 11pm and really didn't apologise for being late!! We are having her again on Monday after school (already organised) and I think I will suggest she stays the night and goes to school from here this time! This Mum is definately not the way I work.........
Apologies for not more quilting news or actually any news of interest but can only improve in the days to come!

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Little Mysteries said...

Sounds like you have had a very busy week. Glad to hear that your Son's pathology was clear.