Friday, May 9, 2008

Looking, looking, looking..................

If it is a normal week (and hurray it is!) I finish work at midday on a Thursday. I find this particularly handy to run around and pay bills, do any bits and bots in town that need doing. Yesterday however I had an appointment and a challenge! The appointment was for my first 'breastscreen'. A mobile service visits our area for 2 months every two years and the screens are offered free for any woman over 40. The last time they were here I was too young!!!!!!!!!! It was very quick and uncomfortable but not painful. They are recommended every 2 years particularly for women over 50.
The challenge was not so easy. I needed to find a new outfit to wear to a special lunch on Saturday to celebrate my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. Yes ,this Saturday! I honestly do not have anything appropriate in the wardrobe. I am hardwearing on clothes and like so many mothers out there I am the bottom of the chain when it comes to purchasing new things. My other problem is that I am not at all realistic about being overweight with lumps and bumps everywhere! This is usually when I have a huge reality crisis, decide to go on a health / fitness campaign and then realise there is no hope of it working in 2 days so I have to find something to wear and fast!! I usually resort to chocolate at about this point..... Anyway I brought home a skirt........and a vest and skivvy for with my jeans during winter ...........but no shirt and no shoes. Guess what I'm doing today??? As I was waking I remembered a shirt I saw yesterday that may work so thats where I'll start.
On the craft side of things there is none to report - again! I set myself up last night with the light over me and everything within reach (SH was not home), 'Kitty' jumped on my lap and promptly fell asleep and I joined him within seconds and not intentionally. That is how SH found us when he got home!!


Owens Family Adventures said...

You are my hero for having the screening done!! Good for you!!! I also love that when you can't find anything to reach for the chocolate....woman after my own heart!!!! :)
Don't you just love when your kitty crawls up in your lap to take a little snooze?? Ours does that and I fall asleep with him every time!
Have a great day!!

Carol said...

Well done for getting the screening done. Did you end up getting your outfit? Nothing like a bit of pressure huh?