Thursday, May 29, 2008

A weather report and a new purchase!

Only a few days left of autumn and we had our first proper frost yesterday morning! It was followed by the most beautiful crisp sunny day. By the feel of the air this morning I think we have a repeat today. Sorry but I was not venturing outside the door to check!! Our seasons seem a little out of kilter and the change of color I associate with autumn has been very gradual this year. Our little weeping tree in our front yard seems to have changed all of a sudden, with a huge hurry !

A new purchase of fabric arrived yesterday that I had ordered online - it is just so easy ! love it ! The 'horsey one' is making boxer shorts at school in art in the next few weeks and needed some fabric. She found the one she just HAD to have in the local fabric shop. Didn't matter that it was a quilting fabric and $26m........................well we went home without it, thats a lot of money for a pair of boxers she may or may not use! The other night I was browsing online and lo and behold they had the same fabric for $8 a yard and yes I know I still had to add postage and the exchange rate but I justified it by adding a yard of fabric just for me! One very happy girl when the parcel arrived yesterday - just what she wanted!!


Mad about Craft said...

It's funny hearing about someone talking about Autumn when, here in the UK, it is the beginning of Summer. Not that you would think it, it has been such a dull, wet day, it might as well be Autumn or even Winter!!

Anonymous said...

I have been browsing blogs and found yours. You have the same sock pattern and yarn that I bought a couple of weeks ago! I haven't started mine yet (I am finishing a top for my grand-daughter) Love your cat picture. He looks like a real softy.
I'll be back to visit you again soon.
Cheers for now,

Ruth's Place said...

I love winter in your area of Australia! The fabric looks great, and just think, the exchange rate is so much better than it was a little while ago...

Victoria said...

I love the saturated colors and the cute drawings on the fabric! Excellent choice!

What a keen shopper you are too!

Stacy A. said...

Well your daughter is right, that fabric is darling! I would have been all over that at her age. Of course yours is great too. Will help you think bright sunny thoughts during the winter.
Your "escaped" chickens are something else. They are really gorgeous aren't they. When they stay in their pen I mean : )
There is this one shop down in Harvard Square that sells milo. I loved it when I was in AUS. Kind of like chocolate tea. I may have to splurge so I can make those biscuits. Last time I had it though, the humidity was awful on it. Do you keep it in the fridge or just in the pantry? I want to get the most out of it ya know. Have a great week! Love Stacy