Monday, May 12, 2008

What an amazing achievement!

On Saturday we celebrated my husband's parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. What an amazing achievement. 'Super Husband' and his 3 sisters organised a surprise lunch at a boutique hotel in the seaside town of Queenscliff. Part of their present was a night's accomodation so they spent Friday night there and then the trick was to get them to the dining room at just the right time. I might add for the last week I had continually distanced myself from the 'surprise' aspect and advised against it!! My Mother-in-law does not like surprises... Anyway it was easier than we thought and all the guests were waiting when they arrived. They had a lovely day and did not stop smiling. I'm not sure they could quite believe all of their children, and grandchildren and special friends were there in one room because of them. They received congratulatory telegrams from the Prime Minister and various other politicians. We found out later that my Father-in-law had actually seen plans for the day at a daughter's home while babysitting so it was no surprise for him!!
Although 'SH' and the 'Horsey one' stayed down to celebrate Mothers Day on Sunday with all of his family 'Handsome Son' and I headed back up the highway and home as he had his school 'dinner dance'. He really lived up to his name 'HS' in his suit, looked absolutely gorgeous. Didn't manage a good photo as he was running late and you can't keep a girl waiting!! Hoping he will get some photos from others at school this week. School policy means that parents must collect children from the hall so at midnight there I was.....and no even though I threatened I did not wear my pjs!! He had a great night and I'm sure we'll keep hearing snippets about it over the coming week.
Mother's Day was a quiet one with just the two of us at home. I managed a sleep in for the first time in months and months which was lovely. We all enjoyed a roast dinner together in the evening when 'SH' and the 'Horsey one' got home. I got the best present, pjs, slippers and a DVD - 'Gilmore Girls series 7'. Can't wait to watch that one. I finished the day with some hand stitching on 'Little Miss Muffett' so finally making some progress there. All in all a good weekend.
Hope everyone else enjoyed their Mother's Day.


Carol said...

What a great pic and what a fabulous way to celebrate. And to get those congratulations too, so special.

By the way, they hardly look old enough to have been married for 50 years!! Wow.

Owens Family Adventures said...

I hope I look that good after 50 years of marriage!! That is really wonderful!
Happy mothers day, over there!!

upstateLisa said...

Glad the surprise worked out! How lovely! My folks celebrate their 50th next year.
and I would have been the one in my pjs!!!!!!!! :-) Midnight for goodness sake!