Friday, September 26, 2008

Art Gallery and Horses!!

I love Thursdays as I finish at midday, it means I have half a day to run around and pay bills and do all those fiddly jobs that I put off!! During school holidays it means I have an extra half a day to do something with the kids and yesterday with my Mum as well. She had driven the hour and was already at home waiting when I got home from work. She'd even already handed out the treats to the kids, chocolate biscuits and chocolate!!!
We headed out for lunch which was interrupted by the urgent departure of the 'horsey' one - more on that later! The main reason for her visit was an exhibition at our local art gallery. She is a volunteer at the art gallery in her town but they won't be receiving this particular collection to exhibit. It was an exhibit of textile sculptures by an Australian artist from Sale 'Annemieke Mein'. The simplest way to describe her work is a combination of painted canvas, machine embroidery and stumpwork. There is however nothing simple about her work. It is quite spectacular and as much as I enjoyed it I will not be attempting to create my own similar masterpiece, I would not be surprised however if Mum (who has already done some stumpwork) went home and played on her own creation!!! I bought some cards of pieces in the exhibition but they didn't photograph well enough to post - sorry. My favorite was the 'dragonflies'.
Now the reason that the 'horsey' one dashed off was that we had a phone call that the 'myotherapist' coming from interstate to treat her horse 'Dudley' had arrived early!!!!!!!! Yes I kid you not, I paid for a combination of a chiropractor / physio for horses...........................luckily it was reasonably priced, not quite as much as I thought! He responded quite well and she has been taught some stretches to do with him daily. He had been naughty when she was jumping him and sore in the neck. He has to rest now for 2 days then she can ride him and see if there is an improvement!!
SH will finish work at lunchtime today so I will spend the morning cleaning the house (repeating the mantra all the time - I will not get distracted, I will not get distracted!!) then we will head down to a beachside town not far away for fish & chips on the foreshore!!


Owens Family Adventures said...

Enjoy the beach and the fish with chips!! I had a friend from England who put vinager (sp) on you do the same?? Yummy!!

Victoria said...

Yum on the chocolate and the fish and chips sound so tasty!
I hope Dudley will be okay and end his naughty ways.
The art show sounded so interesting. I'll need to check the internet for some examples.