Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Modern Technology !!!!!!!!!

Well we are having problems with our internet connection at home which is the reason I haven't posted or caught up with anyone elses blogs for a week. ( I am cheekily doing this during a quiet moment at work). My HS was frustrated that we had been slowed down due to having too many downloads last month so started fiddling with plugs etc etc and since then - nothing! Of course he isn't to blame.....Tonight we plan to sit down and work through it logically to see if we can solve the problem before we call someone. I think I have confessed before that I am somewhat technologically challenged, unfortuantly SH is not much better!!!
On a brighter note the costumes for the school musical that the 'Horsey' one is in next week were finally finished yesterday and delivered to school. I had to make capes for the 'barnacles'!! There were about 29 but honestly at times over the last week I was sure there were 1000 in my 'to do' pile. I will also add at this time that the 'Horsey' one is actually not a barnacle but a dolphin so will not be wearing one of my creations (and I use that term extremely loosely!).
I have some photos to share but will have to wait until I am online again, hopefully tomorrow!!


Carol said...

Oh that happened to us last month, our speed shut down to a snail's pace, but alas after investigation we found out it was all my fault for too many downloads. (blush)

Hope it's back to normal for you now, it's so frustrating otherwise.

Indigo Blue said...

Have a go at my giveaway instead. it is much easier than struggling with your computer, you may have to borrow one though, blast. You have two weeks so hopefully you will be online by then. Still looking loveingly at my lovely cutlery roll!!

Victoria said...

All of that work and she isn't wearing one of your creations! I think that is a qualification for the patron saint of sewing. Best of luck with your computer problems and I look forward to the photos!

Anita said...

I hope your internet has worked itself out and you are back up to speed. I traveled last week so was having internet withdrawal. Now I'm spending time catching up on email and blogs.

Little Mysteries said...

Hope you get your internet sorted out soon, it must be awful to not have it working at home.