Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well we managed to get to the beach yesterday afternoon as planned ( a feat in itself for our family!!). SH finished work early so off we went with HS driving on his L plates - that makes me feel old!!! The 'horsey' one and I took Jimmy for a walk while the boys went off to get lunch. He was in heaven, so many smells, didn't quite know what to do first. A fish and chip lunch in the cold wind was good for the soul especially as I had put a jumper in unlike my kids who seem to always know everything - not on this occasion!!! then we hit the beach. Jimmy loved it! Did decide early on sand was for eating (as is everything) but then he found a stick and he was off. Landed in the waves almost by accident and got quite a fright, wouldn't venture that close again. One very tired, sandy, wet puppy snored all the way home in the car!
Before heading home the menfolk actually let me visit the local quilt shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I had just bribed them with icecream). It was very small but I was still able to make a purchase. This gorgeous 'strawberry' lady and a few fat quarters that the 'horsey' one chose for her holiday sewing project.
Off to 'puppy school' this morning!

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May Kristin said...

How nice you was able to visit the LQS! You found you some nice fabrics!